Monday, May 18, 2009

First Email from France:)

This is excerpts from Jenni's first letter home and I am leaving them unedited (good luck deciphering what it really says):
So you thought my spelling was bad before you are in for a treat now the French Keyboard is just a little bit different than the a,erican one for example the a and the q button are switched and I cant find the period so this ,ight be one long run on sentence, other than in french the comma is our period,
They took all of us to the Bus station and dropped us off, If you look at a map you will see toulouse is on one side of the country and Nice is clear on the other side, we were on the bus from about 11am until about 830 PM, I got to see so much of the country side and glim^ses of teh cities, Everything is so green and pretty, There were red poppies everywhere, So pretty! > my first day in Nice was not a typical day either the elders had arranged for us to help a member that lives out in monoco do some gardening, It was awesome, I have to tell you first that everywhere we go it is by the tram or the bus, to go to monoco we took the bus, there were 2 other members with us who dont speak french so that was fun to actually speak in english, as we traveled through monoco we were actually on part of the track for the Monte Carlo race, it was really cool to see that, I hope you dont mind you are getting a play by play but it is all so interesting so far i dont know what i can leave out: but anyway,,,That night we had 2 teaching appointments with a member named nelly, the only way I can explain nelly would be to have you picture Aunt Kathy as an active new member, When you picture that you have Nelly She is awesome we teach a lot with her, > French People speak so fast, most of the time i have no idea what they are saying it get frustrating but at the same time i try as hard as i can to listen and figure out what they are talking about: so far in our lessons i will bezar my testimony at the end and that is about it, but ca va, I have been really lucky to be here Soeur Mongas had been teaching a man named Marc and a Woman named Violette who were both baptized on Saturday, So my first week here I witnessed two of Heavenly Fathers children returning to him making covenants with him, That itself was really cool, I was so overwhellmed by the time we left I just started crying, I hadnt understood anything and was so frustrated, I was glad we were going home, Yesterday at church it was better; I pray everywhere we go that i will be able to understand something, and at churhc I did understand so,ethings, still not much, it was funny when the 2nd counselor in the bishopric announced that there were 2 new missionaries in the Area me and an elder Miller, Then he said we would like to have them come and tell a little us where they are from and share their testimony, That was actually fun, It was broken French but it was something that i have parcticed many times and could do!> I am still adjusting to being in such a big city, it is so different than anything i am used to but its all good, Each day I can feel my Heavenly Father leading me and helping me to understand just a little bit more than i did yesterday; Especially during the lessons, that is where i can see his help the most,

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