Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010

One thing that I reallylearned was that Stress is a lack of faith. For most amis they really have oposition right before their baptism we were really suprised when The week before Serge's baptism it was calm everything worked out just fine. But this wee we really understand why. I can't give you all of the details but lets just say that it was rough. His situation is not easy. And many times during the week we had appointments with him just to make sure that he was ok. I can honestly say that he has so much faith. He has complete confidence in the Lord. One thing with him he doesnt have a cell phone right now so when we have an appointment with him and he is late we cant call him to see if he is even coming or not. And one night we really needed to see him and we had been waiting at the church for more than half and hour. I was kind of worried and started stressing is he going to come? has something happened? BUt as I sat there I realized that I had been praying and asking the Lord to help him get there safely yet there I was stressing out. I had a thought come to mind that really hit me" do you really have confidence that Heavenly Father is hearing your prayers or not?" As I thought about it I thought well of course I know he answers prayers then another thought came: "why are you stressed then?" It is just that I knew at that moment that Heavenly Father had complete control over everything. There were many moments when that inspiration really helped me this week to realize that Heavenly Father is in control. There is nothing to big, too strong or too powerful that He cannot handle.
It is really cool to to watch your new converts and amis progress in the church. Sometimes it is like being a parent. For example Belal another of our recent converts blessed the sacrement and received his first calling yesterday. I was so escited for him. I can see how really his testimony continues to grow and how well he is integated into the Ward. Ihope and pray that it is going to be like that for Serge in not verylong. THey really are such great examples.
We have been working with a lot of new people. The cool thing is they are all young single adults! THat makes it even more fun because they are at our level. We are facing the same kinds of things in our lives. It is really cool to share the gosple with them and let it change them like it changes me in my life.
the weather has changed to super hot! We went from like 20°C to 30°C over night. It really does tricks to you when it changes like that.

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