Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010

i have to tell you that I am so excited! SErge is going to be baptized this Saturday! He is so ready! We have had some really cool rendezvous with him this last week. He loves to study the scriptures and it is so cool to start teaching a principle and have him end up teaching us. He understands the importance of staying clean and worthy to always have the holy ghost with him. WE had been at Brother Defrranchi's house the other night for a FHE. Belal and Serge were there. I think that Belal (our recent convert) and Serge did most of the teaching. I know that I walked away having learned a lot. One thing that I really like that Belal actually was telling us is how we need to remember to pray in all things. He Said that he had started to do that. BEfore he leaves for school, before a test before eating everything that he does he prays. It realy taught me how important it is so include GOd in the little things in our life even if it is just a little prayer as we are driving or walking somewhere. He knows best in all things and can help us.
Random side note for you. If you paint the front door and then you dont want it to fade do you know what you do? You do like the French here in Bordeaux you put up a curtain on the outside to cover and protect the door. It is something that I still dont understand mais voila!

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