Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June 22, 2010

This wekk was incredible! SErge was Baptized! We were able to see him a couple of times during the week. One of the times we had Belal another recent convert teaching with us. SErge and Belal once again taught me so much more than I could have taught them. THey had the analogy that for the last 31years for Belal and 40 years for SErge they have been prisioners. THey didnt know they were prisioners. But as they have found the gospel and put into practice the teaching of CHrist and now been baptized they have been made free. How cool is that! Through and only through the gospel of Jesus Christ are we made free.
EAch time that we saw Serge he was more and more excited for his baptism. He shared his testimony many times too about how the scriptures help him and how he really feel the Holy Ghost teach him and help him. Saturday finally came. Not going to lie I was a little stressed I don't know why but I was. Everything worked out. THe Program was really good. Serge had asked Belal to give the talk about he Baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost. ANd he aske Bouba to baptize him. BOth of these brothers are new converts themselves. It really was something special. As we went in to the room for the baptism the spirit was so strong. I cant explain how the spirit really is special at a baptism. You could see the pure joy when Serge came out of the water. He even Bore his testimony. He told us that when he first met the missionaries he doubted what we were teaching him. "I didnt want to believe. But as I read the Book of Mormon and continued to pray it was like somthing was telling me it was true, but I still didnt want to listen to it. Little by little i came to know that it was true." As we have talked with him since hte baptism and receiving The Holy Ghost he there is something different about him. He said to us that it is like his heart is at rest. He feel light there was something lifted from his shoulders. It is so true! There is a difference in his countenance it isnt something you could capture with a camera. Almost like someone has turned a light on in his face. He glows.

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