Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009

We received our first email from Jenni today. Her p-days are Fridays. She can only email family but anyone can email her. If you are interested in her email address please leave a comment and I will get her address to you.
Here are some comments from her email:
"Tuesday was a big day. I was able to fly to San Francisco with 7 Sisters and 2 Elders to go to the French Consulate. They have this funny rule that anyone getting a visa has to make a personal appearance. So off we went. The sad part was my companion wasn't scheduled to go until Thursday:( It was a long day all around. We left the MTC at 5:00 am and didn't return until 9:30 pm that night. The whole experience was exciting. I was excited to leave the MTC for a day, I didn't realize how different you are as a missionary in the "real" world; everyone looks at you differently. I felt like we were all on a field trip. San Francisco was an interesting place. We were able to go down to the Piers for lunch which was really cool. By the time we got back I was so tired. I was so excited to be back at the MTC."
"I am surprised at how fast we are learning French. We cover so much, I know that the only way we can do that and be able to understand it is through the Holy Ghost. We were learning numbers the other day and played battleship."
"I feel so blessed to be here. It's not easy but it is totally worth it. I know that Heavenly Father has truly prepared me for this experience."


  1. Hey Teresa,
    Thank you for doing this blog, Its nice to read how Jenni is doing. If its ok I would like her email address, that way she has a better chance of actually recieving mail. My email is Thanks
    Ashley Marshall Johnson

  2. I would love to get Jenni's email. My email is This is Katie Rhodes by the way. Sounds like she is doing great and I am really excited for her!

  3. I would love to e-mail her Teresa! Thanks!

  4. Hey, This is Melissa Cieslak Olsen. I don't know if you know who I am but I went to school with Jenni for a little while at Morgan and she was always such an awesome example to me! If the its easiest to email her still I would like to do that, if not should I just send it by snail mail to the Nice France address on the right? My email address is
    Thanks again!