Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jenni is learning so much and enjoying the MTC. Here are a couple of things from this weeks email:
"I am still learning so much each day. sometimes i feel like a sponge I'm absorbing so much but if someone were to squeeze me too hard it would all come out. But really it is good. The French is coming, I have already learned more in the last 2 weeks than i did the entire time i was in French class. There are definitely days that are frustrating and I don't get anything. Last Saturday Frere Le Frevre (one of our teachers) was teaching us how to conjugate verbs to passed tense, I was so lost. I didn't understand anything that he said. but everyone else in my district was understanding. I was like oh man! But with some help from the companion and the spirit I'm understanding it more."
"Each Tuesday we have a devotional. This last week Elder Kenneth Johnson from the 70 spoke to us. He talked a lot of our purpose as missionaries. One thing he said was, " our call as missionaries is a Come unto me call, not unto us as missionaries but unto Christ." i hadn't thought of it that way that we are really inviting people not just to this gospel but to come to Christ. I don't think there was one of us in our district that our hearts weren't pricked to change something to be a better missionary."
In a letter we received this week she tells us that she has run into a few missionaries from Morgan and also a few people from Morgan that work there. It always helps to see people that you know.

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