Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Update - Finally

We received two letters from Jenni. Her companion is Sister Cordner from Alabama. Jen is friendly and outgoing and she thinks she scared her at first. While unpacking Jen would ask her questions and then only get a one or two word reply. By the end of the second day she said it was getting easier to talk to her.
Jenni flew to San Francisco yesterday morning to appear before the consulate to get her Visa, she was really excited for the trip. We can hardly wait to hear all about it.
She has seen Sister Henk and Elder Wilkinson, both are doing well and it was good to see familiar faces.
So far she is on snail mail but her p-day will be Fridays and they will get to set up an email account so that will be a quicker update.
She has been surprised by how much French she is remembering already.
She loves the MTC!

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