Monday, September 21, 2009

September 21, 2009

We are preparing for the Baptism of Celine this week. She is amazing her and her husband have done most of the work. Are job has been easy; Satan has been working so hard on her to place the doubts and fear in her mind. She is so strong and every time she works through it She is so cool!There was another baptism this last Saturday. We had invited one of our amis to come with us. Her name is MArie. She has been in contact with the church for close to 10 years and never attended a baptism. It has been crazy the since we started really teaching her she has not been progressing but after the Baptism we talked about the importance of baptsim and making commitments with the Lord. She was really touched by the spirit of the baptism and wants to be baptized. It is so cool to see how it takes time and just the right moment for the spirit to touch the heart those who you may think it is impossible to touch. Just this morning we had a really cool appointment. We had fixed a rendez-vous with Henriette last week and this morning was the only time she could so we went. As we had studied and prepared for the lesson we felt she really needed more of an understanding of the Book of Mormon. During my personal studies I found some Verses in 2 Nephi 29 that really explained why. Then in the few chapters just before Nephi prophecies of the coming for the the Book of Mormon. As i studied I thought how cool is that for him to see our day and to see how it will all unfold. What I didnt realize was how much that study would help us during the lesson. She asked some questions that if I wouldnt had studied this morning I dont think we would have been able to answer confidently. The spirit guided us and helped us use the scriptures to explain the answers. I am so grateful for the guidence of the spirit. In something that I thought was little turned out to be a big help in the end.

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