Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

It is the start of a new mutation, with a new companion and a new spirit. The work continues to go forth Celines baptism is in just a week and a half she was not so happy when Sr. Folituu told her the other night that she was leaving. Sr. Folituu has told me that it is a fulfillment of her partriarical blessing that she wont see the fruits of her work while she is here. And it is also kind of funny because she had been in Nice just before I came and she had been teaching Violette and Marc who were baptized my first week and here in Perpignan with Celine. Celine continues to be so strong she is so ready to dive into the font. There was another baptism this last week. The spirit is always so strong at a baptism. It is such a cool experience to see the change in people as they take upon them the name of Christ and make those first covenants. Thursday when we went to our Zone development we had been told that we would be doing some work and each companionship would be doing something different. The Elders had called us Wednesday and told us to bring clothes so that we could do some service. We were all excited to know that our task was going to be service. The morning started out a little rough i forgot my tag at our apartment and didnt realiwe it until we were on the train. But Heavenly Father blessed me and My new magnetic tags were waiting at the chappel when i got there. I was so excited! Well at the end of the normal development and after our interviews with president we were given an agenda and a map and then we were introduced to a memeber from the ward in Carcasonne that we would be working with for the afternoon. It was a really fun afternoon. We got to go out and contact and porte a porte. On our agenda we were given specific roads to go to and certain times to be in at the differents places. I have to say that it was a good afternoon to work with the sister from carcasonne and to search for the elect. We were able to meet some nice people and to work with the members. All around it was a good experince. I can testify that it doenst matter where we go if we have prayed and asked the Lord for direction for who he wants us to talk to and what he wants us to say he will place those people on our paths. He helps me to open my moth and helps me know what to say. He is by our side to help us at all times . I Know that with all my soul.

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