Sunday, April 26, 2009

This week has been really good. I have felt such a strong desire to be closer to my heavenly Father and to rely on him for everything that I'm doing. I think part of the desire has come from the talks and lessons we have had this week on the different ways the spirit speaks to us and how to use the spirit to direct us more as missionaries. On Sunday we had the funnest experience! Sister Sheri Dew came for Relief Society. She had Sister Nelson with her. After Relief Society was over we got to go and meet both of them! That was really fun. I have only ever heard her talks on CD and kind of read one of her books. This was even better!! She is an amazing speaker. She talked about the spirit and when we have distractions or too many things going on in our mind it makes it hard for us to hear the spirit. She shared an experience she had about finding out how the spirit speaks to her. Until recently I hadn't given it much thought but the spirit speaks to all of us differently and if we don't know how he speaks to us then how do we follow his promptings? Her talk was just the beginning of this chain reaction in my head. I have been thinking and praying to know this too, how does the spirit speak to me personally? I can testify that when we are praying to be more sensitive to his promptings they come more often. I was so excited this week - we got new French speaking missionaries. All week our entire zone has been excited for them to come. We know that every Wednesday we get new missionaries but it was so much more exciting to have some come to our zone. It has been fun to get to know them. Being the coordinating sister for our zone I got to go with the Zone leaders to give part of their first day orientation then meet them on their first night. As we stood in front of them I was reminded of how tired I was yet how excited I was to be there. What I didn't realize at the time was how apparent it is on the missionaries face that they are exhausted. So that was fun.

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