Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wasn't General Conference amazing?! I loved every minute of it! I really enjoyed the break from the regular routine. For two days we were able to just enjoy conference. we basically went to conference ate then went to more conference then at ate again. It was amazing! I especially loved the Young Women's Broadcast. While the Elders were at Priesthood we got to watch that. It brought back too many memories of being in Young Women's. Even though it was directed to the young women I got so much out of it. The theme was "A Return to Virtue." how true it is this world has very little virtue.
Tuesday night our Devotional was awesome. We were lucky to hear from Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone. His talk was different from any other I've heard. He told us that he was going to apply principles from Preach My Gospel throughout his talk. He went on and told some stories and shared some quotes and poems, but never said what exactly those points were. I loved it he gave us the principles to find for ourselves, instead of spoon feeding us. He is a very smart man and inspired of the Lord. I have been so inspired to continue and do the best i can so that I can be the best missionary i can. I'm so grateful for inspired church leaders. The Lord does speak through them and gives us guidance for these troubled times. I loved how they counseled us that we still have so much to be happy for. This gospel gives us great joy!

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