Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

This week has really been a good week. I find such a joy in Missionary work. It is easier to work when you like who you are with. We were talking about our week last night and thought that we hadnt had such a productive week but then as we really looked at all we had done and everyone we had been able to teach and see it was actually the best week we have had! Xavier continues to get ready for his baptism but he didnt come to church this week so that was a little disappointing. We had a good laugh with him the other night. I dont remember what we were talking about but we had just finished reading a scripture and she says "I love my dad." we looked at him like what then he said it again this time adding "Ilove our dad, come on dad give me a kiss;" I was laughing so hard. But he was so serious the scripture had touched him. Ya it was funny but thinking about it now how cool it is to see how much love he has for our Heavenly Father. Then yesterday our lesson in Relief Society was the same as yours about our Heavenly Father. It is so cool to think how we grew up spiritually speaking with him. We taught us helped us, and prepared us to come here. One thing that we talked about was we forget those things when we come to earth that is why we need to try new things. Also why we have Patriarchal Blessings; We have so many tools to help us grow and develope in spiritual things and worldly things. I really am loving my mission. I learn so much everyday. There are definitely advantages to staying int he same place for such a long time. I was thinking about it this weekend. I can say that this ward needs the sister missionaries. It is true that we are here to find people to come to christ but also to strengthen the church where we are. And This ward really needs that. There are way to many stories and sad things that have happened in this ward. I cant even begin to tell you. but there is one thing that I know and that I can tell you I love this ward.I love the members here. There is a young women Jeanne that is same age as I am. She is amazing. She has become like a sister to me. She teaches with us a lot and is just so strong in her testimony. I love her.

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