Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

Xavier is doing well. We fixed a baptism date with him for the 6th of February. He Came to church Yesterday. He fits in really well with the members or the members seem to like him and here that is sometomes a hard thingfor our amis. It was really cool to see how the members his age especially welcomed him and we hardly had the chance to talk to him which is such a good thing. It is so cool to have an ami that is serious and keeping his commitments. Besides Xavier we don't have very many amis that are progressing or that we see often. But this week we have done a lot of contacting and even knockinig doors. We had more success knocking doors this week than we did contacting. We pray that we can really be instruments in the hands of the Lord to touch these peopel when we see them this next week. It is so true that without the Lord we are nothing his work doesnt go anywhere. It has been cool the last few days as well with the members. We are trying to work better with them. This Ward is in real need of strength you could say. It is something that we can see and want to help with. sO we decided to go and to visit some of the members that have been here since the ward was started to get their ideas of what we can do. Can I just tell you that it has been amazing. One of the families was the Trevision's. They were one of the first couple baptized in the 60's. We went with the intention to stay for an hour and ended staying for 2 and a half. THey can see what we see and have somany ideas. Sister Trevision has been fighting cancer for the last 2 years and has really struggled with not coming to church and not being able to help the missionaries. ANd so for us to go and to visit made her week. I cant tell you how cool it was. Even Yesterday Brother Trevision was asking us about how the work is going. There were other members as well that we went and saw and they too were more interested and asking us how the work is going and how thye could help us. I love to see all of the changes in the ward and how I much the members really take care of us.

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